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To the place where we design strategies to help you act and communicate with impact.


We are here to inspire

Organisations to act with purpose. People to communicate with intention. Everyone to share stories that speak to their identity. Communities to innovate and grow ideas in a way that brings meaningful engagement.

We believe all people and organisations should aim to have an impact on the world, through sustainable strategies, meaningful and innovative products and services and real connection through their communications. 

We’ll guide you a journey to develop your business and communicate it in a way that has a positive impact on all your stakeholders. 

What guides our creation

  • The intention behind the products, words and images that you share. Captured in a strategy that allows you to get what you want using the power of the message. The right message.
  • The questions. Those questions that trigger in you both the urge to define what is it that you want to achieve and the enthusiasm to say it out loud to those you want to hear your message or who can partner with you to make it happen. 
  • The 5W. Laswell’s 5W, with our own adaptation, to meet the needs of the current society, the advancements in technology and communication and the types and depth of human interaction.

Our goal

To help you act and communicate with impact. To build partnerships and products that get you significantly closer to your vision of the world. To design messages that translate your intention through words, images, stories and experiences. And to share those messages to really connect you with those whom you want to impact. 

Our method

Working with you to get a clear picture on how you can get to where you want to go – a strategy for your business, your products, your communications. 

We’ll help you create products and projects which translate your strategy into real impact on your stakeholders. 

 We’ll build with you a message that makes sense for you and for your audience. A message that defines who you are, what you are here to do, what is the value you bring to your stakeholders; a message that is built on a thorough understanding of what you are trying to achieve, who you are speaking to and how you can best get to them.

Building a structure that allows you to make the most of your resources and to know when you’ve reached success.

In other words, designing strategies.

Meet the team

Andreea Bordei – Founder, Business and Communications Strategist, Trainer, Storyteller

My journey 

I cruised the world with curiosity. I studied communication and society. Learnt with and from organisations whose mission I helped fulfill. Observed and analysed the evolution of communications and human interactions. Researched methods to deliver impact and communicate  with intention. Understood the need to ask the right questions. Grasped the importance of building a product following a clear definition of the intention, a structure, a strategy. Built and perfected a model for the entire process of impact creation through meaningful products and communication. Wrote about it. Spoke about it. Shared it. Used it in my work with people, organisations and communities around the world. Then cruised again.

*Andreea trained organisations in over 15 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa on how to act and communicate with impact, through communications strategy, digital and storytelling workshops.

Beatrice Cord – Lead Consultant

A multi-disciplinary strategist & entrepreneur based between New York and Bucharest with extensive international experience in public affairs and impactful programs and product development across four continents.
After running business development and program management for the global consultancy company Richard Attias & Associates, part of WPP Group, and then establishing an innovation incubator for the tech consultancy startup Lateral Inc., she is now founding a sustainable textile and manufacturing startup in Europe, as well as consulting on several products to enhance entrepreneurship and innovation in Romania. Beatrice is a Stanford LEAD Executive Program graduate, specialised on Leadership and Innovation.

Sabina Chipara, Creative and Graphic Design Lead

Sabina designs typefaces and helps build typographically coherent brands. Letter shapes tell stories, they are the written voice of the world that surrounds us. Every brand has a voice and it’s Sabina’s solid mission to help them shape it.

Before staring on her independent and consultancy journey, Sabina worked in-house for big agencies like McCann Erickson, award winning Spanish design studio Series Nemo and world’s largest font library Monotype. She is now offering her specialist support to other design agencies and type foundries as a consultant.

By combining her design skills with her extensive type expertise, Sabina works with clients to help them reinforce the strength of their brands’ communication.

Radu Bucur, Social Media Business Strategist

A data driven Social Media content and ads expert with experience in various industries: FMCG, IT&C, fashion, e-commerce, auto and entertainment. He focuses on creating content that supports business results as opposed to vanity metrics, and he is a strong believer in incremental learning from every single campaign. He sets up ads for performance but at the same time he acts as a consultant across the whole Social Media funnel to provide a strong base for long term sustainability. 
He currently runs a Social Media business for various local and international clients.

Adelina Rusu, Public Relations Expert

A skilled Balkan’s PR & Communications expert who has enhanced her knowledge through a 6-years entrepreneurial experience. Currently managing local and international clients, she is focused on continuously building media relations and crafting valuable content, as part of one of the largest adverting companies in the world, Ogilvy, a WPP Group company. Adelina is also consulting for different businesses across sectors such as FMCG industry, environmental NGOs and real estate companies, providing strategical input for communications, brand awareness and network building.

What we do

Guide you on your path to bringing impact to your stakeholders. Create innovative solutions and products for your organisation. 

And while we’re at it, we’ll also write your story. Draw images with words.  And speak loudly about things you believe in. 

How we can work with you:


We accompany you on your journey to achieve your goals, helping you to employ communication as a key function to getting to where you want to go.

  • Building a communications strategy for your business, project, campaign or product
  • Developing your digital communications to remain relevant in an ever-changing online and social environment
  • Training your team to better use communications and marketing tools
  • Develop your leadership team‘s understanding of the value and use of communications in your overall business strategy
  • Leading you towards integrating communications within your business strategy, as a key component
Communications Audit

We can evaluate where you are with your communication and marketing capacities and draw a plan to improve these up to your desired standards.

communications services
  • Storytelling

We help you tell engaging stories, speak the language your audiences understand, in a voice that inspires them to stick with you.

We do this for new or existing organisations, products, services, campaigns or events.

  • Word play

We ask you what you want to say, listen carefully and build messages that you feel as yours: content development (website, social media, blogging, articles), ghost writing.

  • Campaign management

We worked on various accounts to create and deliver powerful campaigns that speak to the identity of our clients.

  • Event planning and management

We help our clients envision, plan and deliver events and programmes which bring the most value to their customers, while making the best use of the resources available.


We guide towards defining the impact you want to have and innovative ways to get you there.

  • Strategy development – for new organisations or those looking to review and reaffirm their vision
  • New product development – innovative, creative and sustainable ways to  bring a meaningful experience or service to those whom you want to positively impact
  • New business development – expand your value to more people or markets through strategic use of internal and partnership-sourced resources

Stories we’ve helped tell

We work with clients from across sectors, including healthcare, education, IT/Tech and international development. Among our clients are:

  • Lateral INC , New York, and their innovation projects for multi-sector clients
  • L’Oréal, Paris, on brand awareness projects and telling their CSR stories of impact
  • Ogilvy Romania, on digital communications projects for their multi-sector clients
  • W2O Group , London, and their healthcare/ biotech clients: AbbVie, Roche, Pfizer, Ipsen, Sanofi, Novo Nordisk, SOPHIA Genetics
  • United Nations system agencies on projects for international development

A word on the world as we speak it

Time to Communicate with Impact: Masterclass in Communication

By Andreea Bordei When Covid-19 hit, nothing was not going to look the same. Starting with our healthcare systems, our social behavior to how we run our businesses. Through, in the last few years, I’ve been running live workshops on strategic communications and digital strategy for social impact. The ‘live’ part of my work …


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