Time to Communicate with Impact: Masterclass in Communication

By Andreea Bordei

When Covid-19 hit, nothing was not going to look the same. Starting with our healthcare systems, our social behavior to how we run our businesses.

Through ABCS.world, in the last few years, I’ve been running live workshops on strategic communications and digital strategy for social impact. The ‘live’ part of my work had to change overnight – people were no longer in the office nor were they able to travel. So, I had to get creative.

I started doing my training sessions on Zoom and it was a whole different experience- I learnt a lot from it, I adapted as needed, switching to the online interaction and keeping the group energy up challenge; eventually it all went great.

As I went on with my new business, one thing became clearer to me- people would need to start building communications more consciously in order to have a true impact.

As large and small businesses were losing trade and their future looked insecure, many leaders and entrepreneurs needed support in taking decisions and action in this new uncertain context. And as if taking business decisions wasn’t hard enough, communicating them would be a whole other challenge. 

On top of it all, fake news and clickbait titles took over and panic started to install in people, shaking their balance and changing their lives.

We are facing a global crisis. More than ever before, we have a responsibility to communicate in a way that is consistent, truthful, sensible, engaging and supportive.

So I decided to share my work with people in a more accessible format – an online course: . Communications workshops are still on; but until businesses can spend a whole few days together as a team, designing their communications and strategic direction, you can start with , where I take you on a journey to build impactful communications following a simple yet thorough model. 

I really want those taking the course to achieve their personal and business objectives through their communications. So, at the end of the course, you will be able to schedule free counselling session with me, so we can review and test your communications before they go live.

We’re all in this together. 

Happy comms and positively impactful days, 


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